Red & White

  • Flame
  • eye
  • Tahbeer
  • Pens
  • dagh
  • Baikhabari
  • Tree
  • Flight

Four coffins red and white

Four coffins young knight

Like four seasons of the year

Came appear and disappear

They went to be peacekeepers

They changed to peacemakers (or peace bakers

But you cannot plant peace with bomb thud

And water it with blood

Sometimes I am so embarrassed

I am an Afghan-Canadian at last

Look they gave note books and pens

To the students of school

When the bomb blast

But come close

Look closer

Before exploding of books

Children’s laugh

And soldiers all join in

He exploded himself

Wasn’t he made from muscles and skin?

Find the roots

One week before that

Five hundred people killed in Punjabi

All that five hundred were not Ta lib

Or terrorist

They were women, men and children of a village

One hundred and twenty five people

For each Canadian soldier

It is huge

But still not enough sure

Still four soldiers worth more

Oh my God!

Why you made them from muscles and skin

Nerve and bone

And made us from stone?

It is a long time

There is no balance between numbers

The truth is gone

You haven’t seen that the two soldiers from Israel

Were equal to all dust of Lebanon?

Isn’t the oil of Iraq worth more than all its population?

Isn’t the blood of Palestinians

Worthless like the sand?

In America people are afraid of the fat

In Africa people die from hunger

Nobody hears the cry of Dar fur women

In Bosnia still are discovered hidden graves

It is silence in Tibet

No sound from Chechnya or Kashmir

New Orleans flooded and failed in its hour of need


Bush’s boots even did not get wet!

We are weighed with our religion

With religion that we have been born with

We are weighed with our color

And our dialect

Religion is not the answer

Neither is war

In math two should be equal to two

Otherwise the balance of the universe is far


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